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Wilcom Launches Hatch Embroidery Software

Wilcom Intl., Sydney, announced Hatch embroidery software as its new home-embroidery flagship product.

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How To


Process / Production

  • Pointers for Appliqué

    Pointers for Appliqué

    Appliqué may be a fancy-sounding word complete with an accent mark, but the process is nothing more than simply sewing a piece of fabric on top of another and adding a neat border of stitches. 

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  • Custom Threads

    Customizing Your Embroidery

    One of the greatest benefits of using embroidery on garments, totes, caps or home décor is the phrase, “No minimums.”

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  • Back to Basics

    When it comes to getting the biggest bang for your embroidery buck, the right backing or topping makes the difference between a ho-hum product and results that truly pop.

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Design + Digitizing




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