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Pressing for Profit

Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to making a buck and surviving a challenging economic environment. Our industry’s headlines routinely captivate and motivate us by focusing on new, cutting-edge developments in apparel decoration technology. Direct-to-garment printers, textile lasers, white ink, poly-performance apparel, shuttle-hook bobbins, digital transfers and more all challenge us to ask, “What if?” We engage our peers, attend webinars and walk trade shows looking for that new “thing” that will catapult our businesses to higher levels of success and profitability.

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Adding Digital Garment Printing to Your Shop

If you’ve added a process such as embroidery to your screen printing business, then you’re probably a good candidate for adding direct-to-garment printing. That’s because you’re already looking at yourself as someone who offers decorating services, not someone who only does screen printing. The only question, then, is how to add the process to your shop.

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Push the Design Envelope with Multimedia

Multimedia decorating isn’t a new phenomenon or ground-breaking technique. You’ve seen it on clothing from popular brands, and perhaps even on corporate apparel. But are you offering it to your customers? If not, have you been unsure about finding the right combinations or are you unsure of how to get started? Learn how to get started here.

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How to Apply Oversized Heat Transfers

Following the trends in retail, custom apparel decorating shops can expand their product mixes and bottom lines by offering garments with allover embellishment and oversized designs in unorthodox placements.

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Simple Sublimation Solutions

As the popularity of poly-performance apparel grows, so does the interest in sublimation, since it’s the ideal choice for decorating anything made of polyester. 

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Primed for Print/Cut Media

Creating and decorating with digital transfers enables many traditional decorators to step outside the box to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s clients. 

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How to Develop a DTG Pricing Mindset, Part 2

One of the challenges for newcomers of digital direct-to-garment printing is pricing. The reason is a lack of knowledge about this relatively new process and a lack of experience doing it.

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How to Develop a DTG Pricing Mindset, Part 1

Digital direct-to-garment (DTG), or direct-to-substrate, is a relatively new and appealing printing process, with many newbie decorators — as well as veteran screen printers and embroiderers — wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment for them.

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Perfecting Sublimation on Pre-Sewn Garments

Nearly everyone has considered sublimation as a garment-decorating platform. But only since the recent spike in popularity of performance apparel have people looking for serious volume stopped to take notice of this decorating process.

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Pretreating Garments for Direct-to-Garment Printing

The process of direct-to-garment digital printing is constructed of several crucial building blocks, and the pretreatment chemistry is truly the cornerstone of the process. This rather insipid-looking chemistry provides myriad functions that are essential in achieving a durable print.

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