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Would You Like a Plaque With That?

How would you like to bring in more money on every sale with very little additional cost to you? Does that sound like a pipe dream? Well, it’s not.

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Accessories for Sublimation

Find real profits, customers and advantages with today’s sublimatable blank accessories. 

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Extremely Intelligent Sublimation

Sublimation is elevating its game and finding its way into the mainstream with its own unique space. 

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The Personal Touch

The core factor of profitable personalization sales is the ability to print and apply high-resolution, full-color photographic images to a wide range of quality consumer-oriented merchandise.

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In the Details

This year marked the 35th annual Impressions Awards, and it represents our showcase of the industry’s  best designs from decorators of all sizes and experience levels. 

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Allover Printing: It's All Over America

Allover print sublimation (AOPS) is, well, all over the place. 

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Factors for Cut-and-Sew Sublimation Success

Sublimation is growing in many different parts of the printing industry. From signage to building materials, sublimation is all over the place in its applications.

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Diversifying Your Shop with Sublimation

You have the power to adapt your business to the demands of the marketplace and grow it to new levels.

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How to Find Efficiencies in 
Your Sublimation Shop

Like all business owners, I learned very quickly (and usually the hard way) how to assess what things cost and how I was spending my money. 

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DTG vs. Dye Sublimation

A look at two of the most popular forms of digital decorating for apparel: direct-to-garment printing and dye sublimation. 

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