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Up In Arms

If you paid attention to 2014 trends, then you saw the dramatic increase in sublimation activity. It was everywhere.

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Sublimation Color Management

If you have ever printed an image from a computer, then you know that what comes out of the printer rarely matches what’s displayed on the screen.

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Short-Run Sublimation

How many times have you had a customer come in at closing time to place an order that needs to be ready by the next day? Well, consider those the good old days because today, more and more clients want same-day delivery.

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Sublimation Rising

Sublimation continues to grow rapidly in today’s marketplace — and why wouldn’t it? The process is customization friendly; it can be applied to an array of blank apparel options available in the marketplace; and more and more people are buying performance apparel. 

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How to Avoid Ghosting in Sublimation

Ghosting can ruin an otherwise flawless piece and is particularly common on dark text with a light background. By exercising caution, you can eliminate the “ghosts” and get back to great sublimation. 

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Would You Like a Plaque With That?

How would you like to bring in more money on every sale with very little additional cost to you? Does that sound like a pipe dream? Well, it’s not.

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Accessories for Sublimation

Find real profits, customers and advantages with today’s sublimatable blank accessories. 

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Extremely Intelligent Sublimation

Sublimation is elevating its game and finding its way into the mainstream with its own unique space. 

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The Personal Touch

The core factor of profitable personalization sales is the ability to print and apply high-resolution, full-color photographic images to a wide range of quality consumer-oriented merchandise.

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In the Details

This year marked the 35th annual Impressions Awards, and it represents our showcase of the industry’s  best designs from decorators of all sizes and experience levels. 

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