Imprinted Sportswear Shows
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Heat-Applied Graphics

The Transfer Advantage

It only takes one visit to a retail clothing store to see the numerous varied clothing items available for purchase that have a printed image located somewhere on each garment.

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Heat Printing From Head to Toe

Expression in sports comes not only from pregame rituals and post-game celebrations, but also from uniforms. Teamwear continues to evolve and so do the decorators who supply them.

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Transfer Trends in Womenswear

Decorating T-shirts with heat transfers isn’t a new endeavor by any means, but the fashionable garments worn by women today are comprised of a wide range of fabrics.

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The Heat Goes On

When Plastisol heat transfers were developed for decorating garments in the 1960s, they were mainly used for embellishing white T-shirts, since colored tees weren’t in demand yet.

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Peak Printer/Cutter Workflow

Time is money, so optimizing your printer/cutter workflow to ensure you are working efficiently means you also will be ensuring profitability.

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Avoid Dye Migration During Heat Printing

Dye migration is a typical problem when it comes to decorating polyester. Generally, the darker or brighter the color, the more likely it is to occur.  

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Q&A with Imaging Supplies Warehouse’s Jim Tenholder

Jim Tenholder is dealer sales manager at Imaging Supplies Warehouse, Maryland Heights, Mo. 

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Tips For Numbering Basketball Uniforms

Some teams prefer a classic look, but others may be interested in changing things up and having uniforms that offer a fresh look.  

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Techniques For Eliminating Carrier Sheet Marks

One approach to eliminating marks left by a carrier sheet is to use a heat-transfer material that allows for a quick, fast-tack application. 

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Fun with Football Numbering

Fall is universally recognized as the start of football season, which offers numerous opportunities for decorators to provide numbered uniforms for teams and numbered jerseys for fans supporting specific players.  

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