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Heat-Applied Graphics

Heat-Transfer Tech

Heat transfers are produced by printing transfer ink onto a substrate transfer paper or film.

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The Transfer Advantage

It only takes one visit to a retail clothing store to see the numerous varied clothing items available for purchase that have a printed image located somewhere on each garment.

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Heat Printing From Head to Toe

Expression in sports comes not only from pregame rituals and post-game celebrations, but also from uniforms. Teamwear continues to evolve and so do the decorators who supply them.

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Transfer Trends in Womenswear

Decorating T-shirts with heat transfers isn’t a new endeavor by any means, but the fashionable garments worn by women today are comprised of a wide range of fabrics.

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The Heat Goes On

When Plastisol heat transfers were developed for decorating garments in the 1960s, they were mainly used for embellishing white T-shirts, since colored tees weren’t in demand yet.

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Peak Printer/Cutter Workflow

Time is money, so optimizing your printer/cutter workflow to ensure you are working efficiently means you also will be ensuring profitability.

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Avoid Dye Migration During Heat Printing

Dye migration is a typical problem when it comes to decorating polyester. Generally, the darker or brighter the color, the more likely it is to occur.  

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Q&A with Imaging Supplies Warehouse’s Jim Tenholder

Jim Tenholder is dealer sales manager at Imaging Supplies Warehouse, Maryland Heights, Mo. 

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Tips For Numbering Basketball Uniforms

Some teams prefer a classic look, but others may be interested in changing things up and having uniforms that offer a fresh look.  

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Techniques For Eliminating Carrier Sheet Marks

One approach to eliminating marks left by a carrier sheet is to use a heat-transfer material that allows for a quick, fast-tack application. 

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