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February 2015 Impressions

Plackets are the product focus of this newest issue, along with embroidery machines and supplies, a special-effects thread update and more!

2014 Impressions Sourcebook

Searching for the right supplier for all your decorated apparel needs? Look to the 2014 Impressions Sourcebook.

Fall 2014 Team & Spirit Apparel

In this latest issue, learn about rhinestone decorating, overcoming the challenges of printing on perfornance polyester and more!

December 2014 SportsFan Retailer

From retail sales to emerging markets and trends, learn about the state of the licensed sports product industry in this current issue.

Why You Should Attend ISS

If you have not attended one of the regional Imprinted Sportswear Shows events, check out this video to see why you can't miss out on the opportunity.

Digital Decorator Presented by Impressions

This inaugural issue includes information on a variety of digital decorating topics from some of the marketplace's most innovative minds.



How To

Build Your Business

  • How Green is Your Green?

    Though some greenwashing is done with the intent to deceive, in many cases there’s just a difference of opinion as to what qualifies as natural, green, eco-friendly, environmentally safe, etc.  

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  • Social Work

    Social media is about reaching out to your prospects and customers, and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

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  • Outerwear Amounts to Lucrative Layers

    Suppliers continue to push the warmth-without-the-weight envelope, with outerwear fabrics that are increasingly lighter. 

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