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Best Practices for Screen Printing on Caps

With the return of warmer weather comes headwear season — and both are accompanied by a new profit opportunity for garment decorators.

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Is Water-Based Ink More Eco-Friendly Than Plastisol?

In our world, we’re often asked why non-PVC products (such as water-based inks) are considered “green” and PVC plastisols aren’t. Is one truly friendlier to the environment than the other? Not necessarily.  

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Faux Embroidery for Screen Printing

There are many ways to decorate apparel, yet one — if not the main — issue always is the customer’s budget.

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Is Your Ink Film Fully Cured?

If there is one sure-fire way to lose clients in this industry, it is to sell them finished garments that fade after five to 10 wash cycles. 

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The Advantages of Plastisol Textile Inks

During the past two decades, there has been a push from different organizations — including environmental agencies and large sporting goods companies — to have traditional plastisol inks either modified or replaced.

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Press Coverage: From Manual to Automatic

From the day we started our textile screen-printing business in 2006, my father, Bob, and I knew an automatic press was in the cards. But as with everything else, we recognized that timing and planning were critical with respect to making the leap. 

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Putting Your Best Print Forward

When trying to garner new sales for your apparel decoration business, it is important to have a complete portfolio of what you have done, can do and potentially could do. 

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Top Tips to Improve T-Shirt Print Quality

One of the reasons I like working in this industry is that it has a great mixture of art and science. There is a craftsmanship feel to it that is palatable on the production floor.  

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Handling Hoodies With Unique Printed Locations

One way to stand out from your competitors is to offer a process that they don’t, particularly with regard to printing placements. This will not only create a specific demand that can land you clients who appreciate higher levels of creativity and artwork, but it also can develop strong customer relationships that are built on a “can-do” mentality. 

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Flock Printing: A Closer Look

Decorating garments with flock is a technique that has been practiced for decades and could be considered the first real “special effect” for garment decoration. 

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