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Walking a New Path

Because of technology, today’s water-based inks present new possibilities for screen printers

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What Being ‘Green’ Means

The elements of sustainability and what they mean to screen printers.

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Color Separations 101

From terminology to printing, here’s a 
primer on the basics of the color-sep process

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The 38th Impressions Awards Winner

Impeccable screen-printed detail. Vibrant colors. A boom box. This year's winner has it all. 

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You Can Make Shiny Ink Dull, But…

 …it’s difficult to make dull ink shiny

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Optimizing White Ink

I visit many screen-printing shops around the country — both small and large facilities — and one of the biggest, and costliest, issues that challenges screen printers is working with white ink.

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Contract Decorating for PPDs

In the decorated apparel industry, shop owners always are looking for ways to level out their business cycle.

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The Challenges of Screen Printing on Caps

While the classic aesthetic of embroidery has traditionally dominated the customized headwear market, there still remains a significant place in the hat-decoration business for screen printing.

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Understanding Off-Contact Screen Printing

A look at how the distance between screen and substrate could make all the difference 

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Ink Market Trends: Part 2

Along with the specialty-ink evolution, it’s interesting to see how the advances or applications of other technologies have helped screen-printing industry veterans get where they are today. 

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