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Rush Hour

Just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, online businesses need traffic. After which, this traffic needs to be converted to either capture a potential customer’s email address or place an order.

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  • Quality Control

    Quality should be a lynchpin of any business. For my shop, it’s something that customers have come to expect and it has been a key factor in our success.

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  • Give 'Em What They Want

    When deciding what products to offer, having too many options is just as problematic as not having enough. 

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  • Inside The Funky Fairy

    As an embroidery instructor and consultant, I speak with many embroiderers who would like to start a business, as well as current business owners. Sometimes a business can sprout from the tiniest seed...

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  • Classy Comfort

    With the fall and winter months right around the corner, consumers will be looking for garments to keep them warm and stylish. Soft, light fleece-wear always is a solid option...

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  • Trendy Tots

    Childrenswear comes in all different shapes and sizes, with outfits designed for rapidly growing newborns, toddlers or youth.

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  • Factors Driving Fashion

    Welcome to the mid-decade of promotional wearables. According to industry pros, it’s a season of transition, transformation and tradition...

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