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Buying Equipment on eBay

Pssst...Hey, wanna buy screen printing and embroidery equipment at rock-bottom prices? We’re talking high-end machinery that retails for thousands of dollars going for a fraction of the price.

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  • The Music Man

    It all started with some T-shirts – or the lack thereof. Ask Greg Szechenyi how he got started in the decorated apparel business, and the diehard musician will tell you he just needed some shirts to promote his band. 

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  • Excuses Apparel Decorators Make

    Like a bobber floating on a lake when fishing, I’ve heard or read some phrases that will signal a future problem for a shop. Do these excuses sound familiar? 

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  • Creating a Sales Funnel

    Large quantities of people will come to your website, but only a few will leave as new customers. Your job is to design a funnel process that delivers a steady stream of profitable customers for the business. 

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  • How Green is Your Green?

    With consumer spending on the decline, many companies are desperate to boost sales and see jumping on the “green” bandwagon as the perfect solution. 

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  • Gametime Garb

    The team sports arena remains one of the most profitable niches for apparel decorators. But the competition is fierce in this hot market, and customers are looking for the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. 

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  • Top it Off

    Adding headwear offerings can bring good margins, as they make great add-ons for other orders. The varying price points for caps means there are styles designed for every client’s needs, from youth athletics, to corporate and fund-raising events. 

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