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More Than Luck

When Elaine Hayward came up with the concept for her decorated apparel business, Absolutely Specialties Inc., she was looking for a way to balance her roles as a stay-at-home mom and (at least) part-time worker.  

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Printing Profits

As with any type of screen printing, there are pros and cons to contract work. The key to making it pay is being aware of what they are and gearing your operation to meet the challenges. 

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Excuses Apparel Decorators Make

Like a bobber floating on a lake when fishing, I’ve heard or read some phrases that will signal a future problem for a shop. Do these excuses sound familiar? 

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The Music Man

It all started with some T-shirts – or the lack thereof. Ask Greg Szechenyi how he got started in the decorated apparel business, and the diehard musician will tell you he just needed some shirts to promote his band. 

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Creating a Sales Funnel

Large quantities of people will come to your website, but only a few will leave as new customers. Your job is to design a funnel process that delivers a steady stream of profitable customers for the business. 

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Home Work

What Paul Costanzo did with his home’s 1,500-square-foot walk-out basement is the kind of project people dream about on all those home-improvement shows.

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Grow Your Business With E-Commerce

The term “e-commerce” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Simply put, it refers to selling products and services through a website.

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'Art Kids’ with Business Minds

In 2006, Lucas Guariglia and Joe Zangrilli started Rowboat Creative in the same manner as many small-business owners: in a basement.

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The Importance of Your Supply Chain

There is one thing in common that all shops in this industry share, and it is the reliance on our supply chain. We all need ink, screens, emulsion, shirts and a multitude of other products to keep our shops going.

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Race to the Bottom: Pricing Wars

Having your customer base suddenly dry up because another company is slashing its rates seems shockingly unfair and can quickly get anyone’s blood boiling. So what’s going on here and what can you do about it? 

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