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Use Tech to Build Trust

Too often, technology and people skills seem like they work against each other in a business environment. They actually should reinforce each other and help optimize customer service.

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A Much-Needed Jolt

It started in his high school graphic-arts class in the 1990s. That is where Jason Lansdell, owner of Rome, Ga.-based High Voltage Prints, learned about the printing industry...

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A New Year, A New Shop

Follow these tips for setting and reaching your goals in 2016

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Mark Your Calendar

There are many things small business owners should do, but don’t because they “don’t have enough time.”

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‘We Are Good Fellas’

 In its current incarnation, Goodfellas Merch is the ideal high-volume screen-printing business. It boasts three automatic and two manual presses...

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The Online Fast Lane

Speed is a key factor in online sales success. The longer it takes to respond to a customer’s request or needs, the more likely he is to look elsewhere.

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Wearable (Bankable) Art

Regardless of whether a T-shirt is destined for a retail rack or created for a one-time event, the quality of the garment’s design can impact sales.

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Protect Your Rep

We live in a digital world, daily interacting both personally and professionally. Sooner or later, someone will say something about you or your business that isn’t flattering.

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Subbing It Out

One of the good “problems” associated with a screen-printing shop’s growth is reaching the point where it can no longer handle the current production load.

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Powered-Up Printing

It seems fitting that Hi Voltage Productions, Mike Ritchey’s aptly named apparel-decorating business, occupies a former 5,000-square-foot electric power station.

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