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Inside The Funky Fairy

As an embroidery instructor and consultant, I speak with many embroiderers who would like to start a business, as well as current business owners. Sometimes a business can sprout from the tiniest seed...

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Keep Your Biz Abuzz with Marketing

Marketing is an investment. It can be hard to look beyond the time and money you have to put into it, especially if you have a small business. 

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Planning an Engagement

When it comes to email, I’m a bit of a fanatic. I’m fascinated by what works and what doesn’t. Sadly, most of what clogs our inboxes is junk that’s only worthy of deleting.

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Climbing the Ladder

Howard Potter always wanted to own a graphics-based business. That dream came true in 2003 ...

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A Business Software Roundtable — Part 3

In this final installation, each roundtable participant discusses the future of business and shop-management software, hurdles experienced in decorated apparel shops and more.  

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A Business Software Roundtable — Part 2

In Part 1 of our three-part series, Impressions spoke with four companies about the general direction they feel shop operating system technology is going. Here in Part 2, we continue our discussion, and focus in on specific products being offered, and what special features they have.

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True to its Roots

Yellowknife, Northwest Territorries is home to more than picturesque views and the Northern Lights. Sarah Erasmus, co-founder of Erasmus Apparel (EA), has made her dreams come true there, creating apparel for residents and visitors alike. 

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Pushing Boundaries

The secret is simple, really, according to Rich Santo. Success not only comes when you can creatively and efficiently deliver on promises to your customers, but also when can push the limits.

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Breakthrough Moments

In 2007 Gerald Cantalupo Jr., owner of New Jersey-based Breakthrough Custom Clothing, had a major breakthrough.

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Online Search: An Update

Gone are the days of Internet keyword-driven search. It was sweet while it lasted, but during the past two or three years, a big shift in Internet-driven searching has taken place.

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