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Breakthrough Moments

In 2007 Gerald Cantalupo Jr., owner of New Jersey-based Breakthrough Custom Clothing, had a major breakthrough of his own. 

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Ready to Start an Apparel Line?

If there is one notion you want to understand completely before you leap off the high diving board, it’s how big and deep the pool below will be. Don’t just launch yourself and hope you’ll make it.

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Rolling the Dice

Sometimes, an opportunity comes along and you just have to take it. Whether it’s a sure bet or a leap of faith, a new and different path can pay off handsomely. Such was the case for Scott Dortch, president of Royal Pacific of Las Vegas (RPLV). 

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Are You Guilty of Greenwashing?

Have you heard the term “greenwashing” before? While “whitewashing” is defined as a coordinated attempt to hide unpleasant facts, greenwashing has been coined to describe the effort a company may make to appear to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, but, in fact, their efforts don’t really add up to any substance.  

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Home Work

What Paul Costanzo did with his home’s 1,500-square-foot walk-out basement is the kind of project people dream about on all those home-improvement shows.

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What's Your Customer Worth?

It seems some decorators have a love-hate relationship with their customers. They love getting the orders and collecting the checks, but they hate the process of finding customers, qualifying them and working through the order process.  

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Key(words) to Success

Adding value to a product is simply increasing its perceived value by differentiating the product from that of your competitors.  

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How to Maximize Your Screen Printing Profits

Before you can reap more profits from increasing your business, it is important to review your current system so that you can take advantage of more volume in the future. It is better to refine your process prior to adding more business because an increase in volume doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in profit.

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Story Telling

As decorators, we’re faced with the challenge of letting prospective and actual customers know why we’re the most trusted and valuable choice to create their garment graphics. This is no small task.  

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More Than Luck

When Elaine Hayward came up with the concept for her decorated apparel business, Absolutely Specialties Inc., she was looking for a way to balance her roles as a stay-at-home mom and (at least) part-time worker.  

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