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Home Work

What Paul Costanzo did with his home’s 1,500-square-foot walk-out basement is the kind of project people dream about on all those home-improvement shows.

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Grow Your Business With E-Commerce

The term “e-commerce” gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Simply put, it refers to selling products and services through a website.

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The Importance of Your Supply Chain

There is one thing in common that all shops in this industry share, and it is the reliance on our supply chain. We all need ink, screens, emulsion, shirts and a multitude of other products to keep our shops going.

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'Art Kids’ with Business Minds

In 2006, Lucas Guariglia and Joe Zangrilli started Rowboat Creative in the same manner as many small-business owners: in a basement.

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Fighters and Survivors

While Tees By Tazz continues to carve a solid niche for itself in the decorated apparel world, the story of how the Loveland, Ohio-based shop came to be is defined by owner Tazz Ringel’s relentless will and determination. 

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Race to the Bottom: Pricing Wars

Having your customer base suddenly dry up because another company is slashing its rates seems shockingly unfair and can quickly get anyone’s blood boiling. So what’s going on here and what can you do about it? 

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The Great Inventory Debate

I recently was challenged via Twitter by Patti Keegan of Keegan Tees, located in the awesomely named city of Effort, Pa., to discuss the pros and cons of using purchased goods versus customer-supplied goods.

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How to Increase Efficiency and Maximize Workflow

Regardless of your shop’s size, equipment or the number of employees, the primary daily goal is getting more orders produced, shipped and out the door. Sometimes in the quest to just handle those challenges, getting down to examining how you can increase your throughput doesn’t quite make it to the light of day. 

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Building & Segmenting Your Contact List

One of the key things that makes digital marketing so powerful and efficient is the ability to build and manage targeted lists.

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Turning a Specialty Into Success

Impressions recently spoke to Scott Thackston, president of Aprons Etc., about niche markets and how apparel 
decorators can use them to gain new customers and grow their businesses. 

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