Imprinted Sportswear Shows
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Faith and Fortune

In September 2012, 21-year-old Josiah Blackmore had hit rock bottom.

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Why a Consultant Could be the Answer

Consultants typically have incredible ideas on industry best practices that can fine-tune your shop.

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Standing Out In The Crowd of Apparel

How would I find your business if I were looking for it?

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Technology Used as a Marketing Tool

 Use these tips to better promote your company and capture more business.

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Printing With Purpose

A Brit’s trip across the pond
inspired a T-shirt business with a social mission.

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Tips for an Accountable Staff

Five guidelines for building a team that will help take your business to the next level 

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A Different Decorator

Stephen Terrell wanted to prove the naysayers wrong when they said his way of doing business wouldn’t work. That desire ultimately catapulted his company, Print Works, to notable success in a relatively short time period. 

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Dreams Become Reality on T-Shirts

T-shirts are a vehicle for freedom of speech, or better yet, freedom of the squeegee

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Trends Up Top

Headwear has seen a surge in action during the last two years, from an emphasis on form and fit to style and color. In keeping with apparel, headwear is incorporating all of the latest technical benefits to keep wearers satisfied and comfortable.

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Blurring the Lines

When it comes to apparel, consumers have long been experimenting with what they wear in their free time, in the office and for exercise. And thanks to fabric technology and some of the performance properties introduced in wearables, multiple clothing styles have become acceptable in different environments.

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